I know it has been a long time…

I first want to apologise to my readers.

I know it has been way to long since I have posted anything. Here are some reasons why, first I had both hips broken, the healing process from that, was long and hard, and with my other physical limitations, healing took longer than it would for others with broken hips. Then, my laptop screen got broken, and it was more expensive then I would have ever imagined, and because my cell needed replaced I couldn’t get online to post, and lastly, I have tried the last three days to post here and I couldn’t get in the right way. So hopefully this is a all new start for Divided Places…

Will you come along?


Calming down..

well, I think things have calmed down enough to where everyone has a chance to speak if they choose to, at least it isn’t so chaotic that no one can be heard. Things are more in control now. What does that mean exactly, well it means if anyone wants to speak, be heard now is the time to do it. It’s funny it seemed like everyone wanted to say something, but now that they can, no one has anything they want to say.


Our we… still we?

At this moment fear has ruled the day, all day. I don’t know why, and what’s worse, I can’t make it stop. How do you deal with this, how do you function, how do you be ok? Please let me have peace, please… please.

So our we still…we? Meaning is there still an us ? Or is it possible that there is no more divided. ? Honestly right now I don’t know how to feel, or what to think. More later…


To began again, or share what life has done?

Well I know it’s been a long time since we have​ written anything.There have been so many​ things that have happened, that has prevented any of us from posting anything here. One  I couldn’t get in to post because I couldn’t remember the password, then the laptop screen got broken, I finally, finally get a new one and I begin to post again, I have posts that are finished and just as I am getting ready to proof read them​, the screen gets cracked again. I can’t believe it has happened yet again! I am not even sure we

So as I am writing this I am writing it on my cellphone. I hope ​to have the laptop fixed very soon.

As for the inside it has  been Unexplainably hard. I will go days without switching, then the next, I am like a light bulb with a short, continuesly switching​, Im not sure what’s​ making this happen or why.

I’m don’t know what is going to happen​ or how to slow it down enough​ to figure out what is necessary to calm everyones down . I can’t ever remember a time when things were like this in the past, Im asking everyone to calm down, so we all can have a conversation so we can all have our say, be understood​.

More later it’s 2:32 am.








I am hearing small whispers of some inside. I don’t know if it is because I am home, or because we are trying to come to terms with how things are, and may be permanently. What I do find strange is, the ones I am hearing is the little ones. Maybe they need some reassurance, or they have something they need to say. I will just need to see.

I know there aren’t any followers to this blog but that I believe is my fault because I haven’t kept up with it. If this blog helps no one, after I do a better job at keeping it up to date. Then it will be closed.


What to do next?

Well as I had said in my previous post,  since sesure, the broken hips, hospitalization. I have been trying to live my life as it is now. I can’t find the words that could completely encompass all the ways my life has been changed. It truly frustrates me to no end to know either the EMS company dropped me while transporting me to the hospital braking my hips, both hips, then, of course they didn’t document it, so they will get away with it. Secondly, my experiences at three different hospitals, one treating me like I was just drug seeking and sent me home, to another hospital  nurse telling me an I quote “If you don’t stop screaming we’re going to send you home without nothing. In which, they did just that. So for three days I set in my power chair  not being able to move, (not even able  to the bathroom) have my hair combed, fed. All I wanted was for the pain to stop. To make matters worse, my Baclofen Pump had also quit working! I just wanted to die. 

So what does this all have to do with the divided?…

Ever sice I was in the hospital, what it did to the ones inside, the things that happemed while in the hospital, caused such pain, not just the excursating physical pain, but because my hips, both hips mind you, were broken I had very, very limited movment, I had others doing EVERYTHING for me. Bathing me, wiping me, moving me. It all was nessacery but at a huge cost to ALL of me. It triggered me so very badly. I has nightmares every single  night, sometimes 3 to 4 a nite. The panic attacts got so much worse, flashbacks started again. If all of that wasn’t bad enough I did the one thing, the ONE thing I swear to myself I would never EVER do tell anyone about the abuse from my other family member. Breaking my hips didn’t just break my bones, it broke me. It completly broke down all my defenses. Controll is a very big thing, for me, I believe it is for most of US. Yet I, laying in a bed for months, felt I had no control over anything, I could not even get out of bed. I slipped into a depression so badly, at one point, when I was finally able to set up in a wheelchair I plotted ways to commit suicide. What saved me? three things, my sister, son ,grandchildern, the doctor in charge of my care (at the nursing home/rehab hospital).putting me on anti-depressents, anxiety meds. Yet, even months after getting home I still had nightmares an axiety attacks, there still seems to be no real peace, what is worse I don’t know how to get to a place, where I can be at peace, continent, or happy again. What is even saddesr yet, I will have, literally seconds where I will feel like my old self, and all it does is show me how bad things are, and how far I am from happiness, or even a so called life, and I have no way to get back to who or what I use to be,



I don’t know why or what is going on with the ones inside, but I am just so very scared, even as I write this I’m shaking, all I want to do is go hide in my room, (which makes it so very hard to even post to this blog. I don’t know how to calm the fears or even know what the fears are related to when no one will talk…sigh…suggestions?

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What’s needed, what’s needed to be heard…

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things that you hear in the dark,should not follow you to sleep

I know it has been so very long time since we have posted to this website. Yet, so very much has happened since we have been here or even had any anyone to talk to,care. I just got lost, found that the wars going on inside,( silence, to and of everyone). I don't have anyone to talk to, no therapists, friend, priest. The result, very hard to explain. War,... I am not sure if that is the correct way to express just what is happening.


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